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Case Study

This client is ambitious. His company is young, and he is not satisfied with the status quo. Through DIY marketing and hard work, he got lots of jobs—but most were small. He was stuck and already too busy. Plus, his marketing wasn’t getting him the better jobs. He turned to RT Marketing so he could concentrate on sales and production. We provide a level of professionalism usually only affordable for very large companies. The full-scale marketing campaign that we tailored to his budget has enabled his business to move to the next level.

Company Info

  • Energetic client with young business committed to professionalism and education
  • Clients come from 2 small cities in mountain-influenced environment
  • Most of projects were small - $20k and lower
  • Business was at $400,000 annual level

The Problems

  • Wanted larger jobs with greater efficiencies and better margins
  • Not seeing results from DIY marketing efforts despite sizeable investment
  • Experienced difficulty tracking performance from marketing avenues
  • Confusing message due to brand discrepancies

The Solutions

  • Developed marketing plan to increase effectiveness within client's current budget
  • Changed from internet-based leads to cross-channel leads, increasing job size and decreasing 'price shopper' bidding
  • Precisely targeted neighborhoods capable of bringing desired results
  • Improved communication with past clients and newly established target market across multiple channels
  • Cleaned up and coordinated company brand recognition
  • Sharpened message, promoting client as highly-qualified professional and industry mover and shaker
  • Website was redeveloped and organized to be responsive with a clear message
  • Established social media campaigns that successfully merged our initiatives with the client's own posts

The Results

  1. Sales have doubled during the two years working with RT Marketing
  2. Client starting to be more selective with lead follow-up, yielding better jobs
  3. Increased business has allowed for the purchase of a new office with showroom space
  4. The budget is maintained and used effectively
  5. Marketing message is now consistent and targeted geographically and demographically

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