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Case Study

This client used various RT Marketing services for years, while relying on local resources for their remaining needs. This generated adequate work, but they wanted to be more selective. Hindering that was lack of planning, consistency, and coordination. Our team is comprised of experienced marketing professionals for the remodeling industry. They became a Managed Marketing client where we provide and execute a coordinated program. This resulted in a successful marketing plan that now allows our client to be choosy with his projects!

The Company

  • Long-term client with multiple marketing projects over years: newsletter, website, ads, etc.
  • Business at the $1.5 million level
  • Situated in an established large city suburb with defined neighborhoods

The Problems

  • Worried each year that leads would yield adequate number of satisfactory jobs
  • Hassled with coordinating multiple marketing vendors
  • Inconsistent message and lack of cross promotion within his marketing

The Solution

  • Client requested we manage their entire marketing program and fully coordinate it
  • Developed complete brand consistency across all media
  • We established a time for a yearly review and also develop a future “plan of attack”
  • Target market is concentrated on specific demographics within a small geographic area
  • Ensure prospects see signs, receive newsletters, postcards, etc. repeatedly
  • Create multi-platform content for seamless integration
  • Bi-monthly phone conferences with owner to coordinate activities and stay up-to-date on current happenings
  • Owner’s ear is to the ground, and we adjust campaign as needed
  • Impress prospects with a new and responsive website


  1. Synergy within all marketing efforts where each element supports and build on one another
  2. Multi-platform marketing strategy is targeted geographically and demographically
  3. Client has sufficient number of quality leads so he may reject any lead that does not fit his desired project type, distance, client type, or won't yield the desired margins
  4. Updating the company brand offers a clear and consistent message
  5. In the 4th year, client is enthused about his program being “on the right track”

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