Branding & Positioning

These Elements Come Before Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Social Media, Traditional Print Media, Custom Publishing…and everything else you can think of.

When you contact RT Marketing to assist with your marketing and advertising needs, we begin with a complimentary assessment of your Branding and Positioning to date. Why? It’s not just important, it’s critical to achieve success in the marketplace. Your unique space is there. Let’s make sure you’ve found it.


Branding & Positioning

Come First,

Everything Else


Your Brand is Who You Are

Mission • Vision • Personality • Values • Loyalty Expectations • Products • Services • Actions Measurements • Focus • Promise

Your Positioning is Why You Are

Why are you different, the best choice, the best way, the problem solver, the solution to why your target market should care, be involved, listen, and take action? It’s what you own and what your market needs. They meet and form a very meaningful bond.

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