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Marketing That You Need

Sure, it’s nice to be liked; but what you really want is customers. As a remodeler or home builder, your website, social media, enewsletters, and print media play a part in a well-rounded marketing plan. But these are only stepping stones on a path. Our role, as your marketing company, is to be your guide, making sure you find and remain on the correct path.

To state the obvious, you need to go to where your customers are. As a marketing company focused on the building and remodeling industry, we have a lot of experience with the customers you want to reach, and we can help you concentrate your marketing efforts where they count.

Whether you need a full marketing program or just want us to patch a few holes in your current marketing strategy, RT Marketing has the means and the know-how to help you be successful.

Adaptive Marketing

People change, new technologies emerge, Google updates their algorithms. An automated, pick-from-a-menu kind of marketing strategy can be too rigid. Plus, some aspects of your marketing will be more important than others and some common marketing channels may not be worth the time.

We believe that human interaction is what can make the difference between success and failure, and that is why we refuse to fully automate our marketing program. You need an agile plan, one that adapts as the situation changes, to succeed in todays marketing climate.

When you work with RT Marketing, you get a team of marketing experts using their unique strengths to develop a strategy for achieving your goals. We then continue to monitor your progress so we can shift the focus of your marketing plan, if needed.

Why Choose RT Marketing?

Experience, knowledge, and focus. For over 25 years, RT Marketing has been helping remodelers, custom home builders, manufacturers, and even trade shows to reach qualified customers. We help you reach out to your target audience, nurture those leads, and turn them into happy customers.

From our inception, we have been focused on marketing for the remodeling and home building industry. We stay current on the latest trends in both marketing and the building industry.

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