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The Basics:

Our Trends eNewsletter provides you with a monthly visit to your existing and prospective clients' email inboxes with an article about trends for the home. We develop this article from an analysis of the latest consumer research and illustrate it with eye-catching photos. In addition to this article, we also include an article specifically from your company. We will lay all of this out in an email template designed to support your company's branding.

Vehicle For Delivery — Constant Contact
We've partnered with Constant Contact for the delivery of email services because of their:

  1. Ease of use
  2. High email delivery rate (97%) based on their relationship with ISPs and strong commitment to permission-based emailing
  3. Reputation among legitimate businesses and local non-profit groups which makes emails carrying their logo welcome
  4. Legal compliance with notices and unsubscribe options
  5. Helpful reporting interface
Deliverability and Results Consultation Included!

Email marketing is anything but simple. On your own, it could take you days—if not months—just to learn a small percentage of the terms and concepts in the gigantic world of email marketing. We understand that you may have questions and we are here to help. As a value-added benefit of the program, we include one hour per month of consultation regarding deliverability and results. It is our goal to help you achieve success with your email marketing!

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