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Logo Design

A logo is one of the most important aspects of your branding effort. It is the foundation for establishing your company identity. Every part of your logo relays a message, from the graphic elements, colors and font style, to your company name. If you own a small company that thrives on building one-on-one relationships with homeowners, your choice of logo style and colors may be quite different from that of a large architectural firm with primarily commercial contracts.

We recommend that logo development begins first by our helping you explore your own company culture, as well as that of your competition. In this way, you become more conscious of what it is that you are doing better than anyone else in your target market area and what your goals are for the future. If requested, we will also assist you in surveying your past customers, which helps you discover how you are perceived by others.

Tag Lines

We can help you develop a tag line or slogan at the same time as your logo. Your tag line captures in words the essence of your brand, and assists your logo in establishing your company identity. It is usually a separate entity from your logo, but may be used in combination when appropriate. A tag line does not need to be static—in fact, updating it periodically keeps your brand current.

Below are a few examples of tag lines we have developed. Click each one for a link to the corresponding case study:

Tibma Tag Line

J Allen Smith Tag Line

KBRS Tag Line

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